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Folks, this is a terrific opportunity for aspiring songwriters and performers, as well as hobby musicians who want to improve their craft.

Don’t miss your chance to learn the basics of recording in this fun and friendly setting!

Presented by Dan Misener.

Saturday Sep 17, 2011 11:00 AM
Fox and Fiddle (Wellesley)
27 Wellesley Street East
Toronto, ON M4Y 1G7

$35.00 Book your spot now! Space is limited.

Aimed at songwriters and musicians with little or no home recording experience, this 3-hour workshop will introduce you to the skills and techniques you’ll need to capture your songs and turn them into polished tracks.

Through demos and hands-on experience, you’ll learn:

  • the fundamentals of multitrack software: recording, editing, and mixing
  • basic microphone choice and technique, for voice and instruments
  • the sonic value of your closet (or, how to make the most of a small recording budget)

The tool we’ll use is Audacity, a free and open-source multitrack editor. However, the focus is on principles and techniques, not tools.
The concepts presented will be easily transferable to many other multitrack editing programs, like Garageband, Audition, Logic, Pro Tools, etc.

No recording experience or expertise required. This is a workshop for novices. You’re welcome to bring a laptop with you, but it’s not necessary.

We will use an overhead projector to present basic concepts you can learn and take home with you.

The pub is providing us our own room and server for the event. There will be lunch break and you’ll have the option to purchase food from their menu.

Accounting for lunch break, we should be done by 4 PM.

Book tickets for this event now!
There are a limited number of spots available.

What past participants in this course thought of Home Recording 101:

“I think Dan did an EXCELLENT job of basic multi-track recording for dummies! What a patient thoughtful and masterful teacher!”

“I really appreciated Dan’s methodical approach and he presents the information in a clear and understandable manner. “

“Dan did a great job and gave us enough to enable us to try it on our own.What more could one ask for from a 101? Thanks! ”

“Well organized material; clearly presented, interesting, knowledgeable instructor with great teaching ability. Stepping up from absolute basics logically through to more complex tasks made the information non-threatening. The course provided exactly what you claimed it would, but I was surprised that I got even more out of it than I expected. I thought I’d get enough info to “”know about”” the subject, but I went home feeling comfident that I could actually DO it—and keen to get started experimenting. ”

“Given the 4 hour time frame, I came away with just what I had hoped for. You provided a very good overview of computer based home recording. I now have the confidence to attempt multi tracking. Dan has a very friendly humourous manner of communicating. I feel he condensed a lot of information into the available time. Even though this was a beginner’s class, I think we all took away much valuable insight into the technical process of recording. Dan was very responsive in answering questions. Involving the class in creating some tracks was helpful in creating ownership in the process. Well done.”


“It was perfect, thanks.”

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