Vance Gilbert, up north and personal

To folk music fans, Philadelphia native Vance Gilbert is a singer-songwriter known for thoughtful lyrics, clever melodies, and comedic performances.

To those concerned about civil liberties and race relations, Vance Gilbert is champion for those who have been wrongly treated in the name of “security.”

To the audience of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Vance Gilbert is a consummate performer with a huge heart, who gathered a whole hillside of new fans within the wise embrace of his music.

We caught up with Vance Gilbert on stage at Shelter Valley to get “up north and personal” with this folk singer whose perspective on life and music is uniquely his own.

Watch for thoughtful comments on becoming a singer-songwriter, the meaning of Old White Men, going not-quite-viral, taking the airlines to task… and what Burton Cummings might sing if he was playing Shelter Valley Folk Festival!

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    Michael Wrycraft 8 September, 2011 at 20:41

    hey david

    great interview… but i must say that vance makes it easy

    love your new catchphrase…”up north and personal”

    if it isn’t your catchphrase yet… it soon should be

    wish i’da thunk it up

    cheers, michael

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