Steve Bell is an anomaly.

At a time when some festivals are downplaying the faith component of folk music, (amid suggestions that gospel workshops should become ecumenical), Bell is comfortably Christian. He’s a man of faith who lives what he believes, in his work and in his life, yet without being preachy or pedantic.

Steve Bell has won two Junos in the Gospel/Contemporary Christian category, among many other awards. More importantly, Bell has a won the admiration of a large and loving fan base that can’t get enough of his stuff. Our review of Steve Bell’s latest album, kindness is one of the most-liked items ever on this site!

Bell’s fans surely love him in part because he expresses the journey of faith so capably, but that’s not the whole story. Steve Bell is a gifted melody-maker, a fine finger-style guitarist, and a singer whose gilded tenor glides over lyrics charged with subtle meaning.

Call the category what you will: as you’ll see in this Woodshed Session, Steve Bell is a winner among listeners, regardless of their faith, because his work rings true.

Watch exclusive Woodshed performances of Steve Bell’s Shepherd, How Long on Vimeo., and Good Friend on YouTube. Plus, you can view the entire unedited conversation (16 minutes) between Steve Bell and David Newland.

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