Dear Mother Maple: Up close and personal

Mother Maple Dear Mother Maple:

I was at a music festival recently when a light rain began to fall. There was a young couple next to me, and we’d been chatting back and forth most of the day. When the rain started, they opened up a HUGE umbrella to keep themselves dry.

Unfortunately, the umbrella began to drip rain all over me. How should I have handled this?

The Soggy, Soggy Dew

Dear Soggy:

Sorry to hear this, dear, and I hope this hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm for festivals. To Mother’s mind, you had three options:

  • You could have moved
  • You could have asked them to move the umbrella
  • You could have done the most friendly thing of all, and asked if you could snuggle in.

I remember one time at Winnipeg in a rainstorm, and this handsome fella joined me under a tarp to wait out the rain, and … Oh dear. Mother needs some alone time.

I think you know what you should have done, Soggy. Handle this yourself.

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