Meaghan Blanchard has all the luck

Maybe it was a lucky star. Or maybe it’s just talent meeting opportunity. Either way, PEI singer-songwriter Meaghan Blanchard has experienced more notoriety and exposure than many of her early twenty-something musical peers will experience in a career.

It began with the gift of having good looks, ginger locks and a sweet personality in a province where Anne of Green Gables actors are always popular and in demand. Then, add a sweet Dolly Parton voice, songwriting and playing chops, and not surprisingly, the industry immediately took notice. Her first album merited several Music PEI awards and ECMA nominations, and her latest CD, Chasin’ Lonely Again (performed in this Woodshed Session) won her the ECMA for Best Country Album.

Throw in the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 where Meaghan Blanchard performed forty-seven times to packed houses as part of “Come On In – Songs and Stories from Atlantic Canada”, an appearance with Symphony Nova Scotia during the ECMAs, and a performance for that lovely English couple, Will and Kate.

What we won’t belabour here is how Ms. Blanchard’s notoriety took a quantum leap when she mistakenly introduced His Highness Prince William as the “Douche” of York. It’s OK, Meaghan, your star was shining brightly enough before, and will survive far worse than that. We’re all cheering for you!

Exclusive, complete performances of Oh Darlin’ and Waltzing With You on Vimeo, and Chasin’ Lonely Again on YouTube.

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    Josie Pye 12 August, 2011 at 09:36

    Having worked with Meaghan at Avonlea, I say luck has nothing to do with it. She works hard at what she does and deserves every bit of fame and recognition that comes her way.

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