Dear Mother Maple: rejection dejection

Mother MapleDear Mother Maple:

I do house concerts. But the hardest part of my hobby is turning down people. How can I soften the blow?

Living roomer

Dear Living Roomer:

You house concert people are the salt of the earth. You give up your time and your homes to others so that music and musicians can survive and thrive. And that’s why everyone loves you, from the newest performers to the seasoned professionals all the way to people like that lovely Paula Fredericks at Acoustic Roof and the young folks at Home Routes.

But because everyone loves you, everyone wants you. I think you’re taking things a bit too seriously when you use the term “soften the blow.” It’s probably not a blow for a musician to hear a “no” from you. But if you do want to think of ways of helping out, here are a few ideas from Mother.

  • Why not help them find someone else in your community who might want to host them?
  • Type up a message to musicians that you can just cut, paste, and send rather than sweating bullets to write something specific every time.
  • Offer up a bed, even if you can’t organize a concert for that time.

Remember, love, whatever you DO for musicians is important. Don’t feel bad that you can’t do more.

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