The Little Stevies are off to conquer Canada

Imagine hopping on a large plane and flying all the way from Australia to Canada for your next gig?

In your mind, you’d think you had something different to offer – something that might make it worth your while to come out and see – only to find that in the room, there are only a handful of people.

Such was the case for the Return of The Little Stevies (you read about them here on their first visit) but, as luck would have it, good music drew people downstairs into the cavernous Drake to find out what they were missing, ending in a very decent-sized crowd.

On to the wilds of Sudbury for their three-day Northern Lights festival, the tiny 3-piece (with Chris Altman, an Aussie-Canadian drummer, sitting in) will be spending their winter enjoying our summer as the take in much of the country spreading their joyful, alt-pop sound in the hopes of earning more fans.

This they quickly do, as it takes no more than a song to fall in love with charming sisters Bethany and Sibylla Stephen (hence, Little Stevies – Lord knows what happens to the name when they make it big) and their gorgeous vocals. The third ‘Stevie’ is Robin Geradts-Gill whose bass holds down the fort and he trades lead vocals on a few songs while supplying a hearty third of the LS’s harmony blend.

Together, theirs is a typically quirky brand of alt-pop with elements of folk in their choice of instruments and in their rootsy approach. Live, in Canada, their sound is relatively stripped down, minus the little flourishes of piano, B3, and intricate touches of their LA-produced third album, Attention Shoppers.

Yet the compositions come off beautifully in their somewhat stripped down form and classics like the vocally powerful “Sunshower” from their last album and the downright perky “The Day We Went Away” from the most recent, had the audience fully focused in no time.

Their between-song banter, although severely jet-lagged, is proving to also be a strong part of their show as the three lead players speak freely and rather intimately about whatever happens to be on their mind. One feels like you’re getting to know them on a level of friendship, odd as that sounds.

“Feel It” and “Accidentally” are two other highlight compositions that sound better and better with repeated listenings. Anyway, the band is here and they’re off to conquer Canada and I hope they will.

The Little Stevies offer, as a band, all the ingredients – great music, hooks, vocals to die for and harmonies for days, plus – best of all – a fresh look at music and at the world through the eyes of talented performers who are really no different than you or me. Endearingly so.


Yank out those social calendars and see where you might get a chance to see and hear for yourself…..

July 14             Merlin’s Sun Theatre             Victoria, BC

July 15            Joe’s Garage                         Courtenay, BC

July 16            Songbird Collective Festival             Tofino, BC

July 18            The Art We Are (with Dana Marie) Kamloops, BC

July 19            The Railway Club                             Vancouver, BC

July 21            Tree’s Coffee House                         Vancouver, BC

July 22            Minstrel Cafe and Bar             Kelowna, BC

July 23            Streaming Cafe                         Kelowna, BC

July 25             23 Main St Cafe              Moose Jaw, SK

July 28            Gas Station Theatre (supporting Low Flying Planes)   Winnipeg, MB

July 29- 31     Fire & Water Festival             Lac du Bonet, MB

August 3         Townhouse                Sudbury, ON

August 5         Renee’s Cafe             South River, ON

August 6         The Blacksheep Inn             Wakefield, ON

August 7         House Concert             Orillia, ON

August 9         The Drake Hotel (supporting Samantha Martin) Toronto, ON

August 12        Moonshine      Oakville, ON

August 13        Burritoville   Montreal, QC

August 14        Castro’s Lounge             Toronto, ON

August 18        Bohemian Cafe             Bracebridge, ON

August 19-21  Summerfolk Festival  Owen Sound, ON

August 24        Hugh’s Room (supporting Lorne Elliot)   Toronto, ON

August 25        The Spill              Peterborough, ON

August 27-28  Ottawa Festival             Ottawa, ON

Photography: E. Thom


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  1. avatar
    Scott Merrifield 12 July, 2011 at 18:46

    Their concert on the Northern Lights main stage in Sudbury on Friday night was an absolute delight!

  2. avatar
    Eric Thom 12 July, 2011 at 20:41

    Scott – that’s so great to hear. I’m envious. And the lineup at that Festival was far better than most – a lot of music packed into a too-short 3 days, I’m sure.

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