Layah Jane: movement, music, & meditation

Layah Jane has been receiving accolades from the Canadian music industry since 2005, and her latest CD Honey (reviewed on Roots Music Canada) is, in our opinion, worthy of Juno consideration.

In the seven years we’ve known Layah Jane, we have observed her effectively fine-tuning her songwriting, recordings and performances, and as you’ll see in The Woodshed Sessions, no. 29, she has fully blossomed into a headline act.

Layah Jane is accompanied as always by her remarkable guitarist, producer, and life-partner, Oliver Johnson.

A final note: if you want an example of what an independent roots musician’s website should look like, check out Layah Jane’s new site.

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    Eric Thom 7 July, 2011 at 18:56

    My summer’s complete – I was in my neighbourhood LCBO (okay, I live there…) and what came on their overhead stereo system but “….up came Dandelion”! What a monster song that is – and these two are incredible live or otherwise.

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