Monthly Archives: June 2011


Dear Mother Maple: SPEAK UP, WILL YA?!

No letter of advice this time, dearies. Mother’s concerned about something that she’s been seeing on that Maplepost e-mail list this week, and that’s hearing loss. I know people who can’t hear certain frequencies any more because of a feedback ...

The spirit of The Laws

Roots songwriting power couple John and Michele Law have made a career out of indie musicianship. Despite, or maybe because of this DIY ethic, The Laws are consummate professionals, who seem to be happiest when headed to their next show. ...

Canadian roots hockey song playlist

What a great time to be a Canadian hockey fan: the Jets are on the way back to Winnipeg, as the Vancouver Canucks take on the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals. While there’s no question who we’re cheering for ...