Dear Mother Maple: when’s my 15 minutes?

Mother MapleDear Mother Maple:

I can accept that roots musicians are never going to be the rich, powerful jetsetters of the music world. But wouldn’t a little recognition once in a while be nice?

— Left out.


Dear Left out:

Well, you’re right. Recognition is a good thing. For example, my granddaughter came running downstairs just now and told me that Valdy and Anita Best are now members of the Order of Canada. And that lovely young Dan Mangan will be singing on Parliament Hill tomorrow (I love it when he makes me sing along to his songs!)

And that’s not all. Look who else will get exposure to the whole country tomorrow (not to mention some royal people):

  • Great Big Sea (N.L.) — Folk / rock
  • Sam Roberts Band (Que.) — Pop / rock
  • Corb Lund (Alta.) — Country
  • Dan Mangan (B.C.) — Indie rock
  • Elisapie Isaac (Nunavut) — Pop
  • Jenn Grant (P.E.I) — Folk
  • Delhi 2 Dublin (B.C.) — World
  • Au tour de la Bolduc with Florence K (Que.), Oumou Soumaré (N.B.), and Fab and Frannie of Random Recipe (Que.) — Traditional

But if you want to see your favorite roots artist get recognition — and maybe even some money — then become an activist. Talk about them to your friends. Play their music. Buy it as gifts. Support their CD projects. Host a house concert. Offer a bed. Every little bit helps.

Happy Canada Day!

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