Jonathan Byrd flies north and south

By his own assessment, he’s a Carolina guitar-picker, but a Texas songwriter at heart.

Yet Jonathan Byrd has found a warm reception here in Canada, with his story-driven songs, wide open ears and deeply honest approach to his art.

Jonathan Byrd’s new album, Cackalack, braids the contradictions beautifully: lyrics drawing on seven generations of North Carolina family history; a band pulled together from the cream of the Canadian bluegrass and folk scene; and a way of telling stories in song that’s uniquely…. Texacarolinacanadian?

If you’ve heard him sing and play you’ll understand. If you haven’t, you’re about to be moved by one of the finest song-crafters on either side of the border: the musicallly migratory Jonathan Byrd.

Watch Woodshed-exclusive performances from Jonathan Byrd:

The Law and the Lonesome
May The River Run Dry
Happy Father’s Day

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    Gail McMichael 3 March, 2013 at 11:22

    We (husband John and I) had the great pleasure of hearing Jonathan and Chris Barros at a packed house at Folkways in Guelph, Ontario and attending a workshop he gave at 10:30 the next morning before an 8-hour drive to Sudbury for a concert the same day. What a warm and generous talent and what a storyteller! Absolutely love the two discs Cackalack and The Law and the Lonesome.

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