Dear Mother Maple: Paid to party?

Mother MapleDear Mother Maple:

My friend has always loved to party while he plays gigs. But lately, I’ve noticed him getting a bit out of control. What should I do? How can I help him?

Worried Life

Dear Worried:

First off, stop buying him drinks! Just kidding, dear. But not really. I have, from time to time, felt the pull of the bottle a bit too strongly. It made me nervous as a long-tailed cat at a contra dance, let me tell you. And we lovers of the good times that music provides can sometimes find ourselves “out of control”, as you put it.

I would suggest you do two things to help your friend. First, tell him you’re a little concerned about him and that if he needs help, you’re there for him. Of course, I’m assuming that you WILL BE THERE for him. Won’t you, Worried? Second, Be gentle with him. If he says everything is fine, don’t try to fight him around to your perspective. But don’t give up on him.

Alcohol and Pills, to quote that cute little Freddy Eaglesmith, have been the ruination of many a performer. Do what you can to care about your friend and help him to stay off that list.

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