All for a song with Kevin Closs

Kevin Closs has got the goods: he’s a sweet guitar picker with a gift for lyrical songwriting and a gilded voice. And this Manitoulin Islander (who began as a rocker!) is no newcomer – he got his break at Sudbury’s Northern Lights/Festival Boreal two decades ago.

Kevin Closs’ album Homecoming, produced by Ian Tamblyn, would make my list of 10 Canadian Records Everyone Ought to Hear. And that’s just one of many fine Kevin Closs recordings.

His instrumental guitar version of “O Canada” has become somewhat of a staple on CBC Radio, and Kevin won the prestigious Jackie Washington Award in 2002.

Still, perhaps plying his trade mainly in the Near North of Ontario has kept Kevin Closs just a little off the radar for many listeners. We’d like to see him get more attention, and we’re sure you’ll agree after hearing Kevin Closs in Episode 26 of The Woodshed Sessions.

Check out these exclusive Woodshed Sessions performances from Kevin Closs:

You Might Be
All For a Song

Poor Ron

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    Scott Merrifield 16 June, 2011 at 17:48

    Kevin will be part of the great line-up for this year’s 40th anniversary Northern Lights Festival Boréal, July 8, 9, 10!

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