Canadian music could have no finer ambassadors than the delightful folk-pop duo Dala.

With their pitch-perfect harmonies, haunting versions of Canadian classics, cleverly crafted compositions, and complete comfort with one another in the spotlight, this pretty pair of northern songbirds has always been obviously on their way to the big time.

Their successes have proven it: tours with Jann Arden, Tom Cochrane, and Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe; a spot on the main stage at the Newport Folk Festival‘s 50th anniversary, where they were the only Canadians on the bill; their own PBS special, Girls From the North Country; even an article in Elle magazine!

Not to mention Toronto Independent Music and Canadian Folk Music awards, a Juno nomination, and a placement in NPR’s Top Ten folk songs of 2009.

Through it all “the girls” have remained grounded and grateful, even as the road has grown long behind them, across Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

And the music continues to evolve and deepen: originals well-worn on stage slip into groovier grooves, and the sweetness of simplicity creeps into their loving cover songs.

When we last talked to Dala, (around a poinsettia in a stairwell at Hugh’s Room in December of ’09) they’d had their best year yet. A year and a half later, they’ve outdone themselves again – Girls From the North Country is out on DVD and CD, a new album is in the works, and the road calls ever onward.

We caught up again with Dala in episode 22 of The Woodshed Sessions. Enjoy!

Watch exclusive Woodshed performances by Dala:
Moon River

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    Victoria 20 May, 2011 at 14:59

    I’ve loved Dala’s music since my Canadian Lit TA made us listen to them two years ago… I really loved this interview and post, thanks!

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