Jory Nash does it all

Jory Nash: The Woodshed Sessions, #20 from Roots Music Canada on Vimeo.

It’s a rare musician who can balance artistic success with continued growth and contribution to the community at large. Jory Nash does it all.

A dyed-in-the-wool independent singer-songwriter, he’s earned accolades for his marmalade voice and octagonal compositions.

Nash won the Songs from the Heart competition, a CFMA nomination for Best Producer, and the coveted Album of the Year title from folk music mag Penguin Eggs for his most recent record, New Blue Day.

Yet Nash is equally active in extracurricular roles: co-founder and producer of the acclaimed Gordon Lightfoot tribute concert “The Way We Feel“, former Director of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, and current Artistic Director of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival. All this while writing, touring, and performing continually across Canada and the U.S.A.

Jory Nash is a guy with a lot of goals – and he manages to meet most of them. He’s had a career that would be the envy of many, yet the struggle continues, as it does for any artist. What’s it like to be six albums into a remarkable career – and still striving?

That’s what we asked Jory Nash in Episode 20 of The Woodshed Sessions.

Exclusive Woodshed performances of An Old Invitation, Charlie, and Goin’ Down to Town.

Rachel Barrecca’s review of New Blue Day
Roch Parisien’s Facebook interview with Jory Nash

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    Rachel Barreca 27 April, 2011 at 16:45

    Jory, you’re such a charming guy!

    Really enjoyed watching this interview; it was like hanging out with my buddies ‘cept, sadly, I wasn’t there. Well done RMC. Well done David. Well done Jory. I’m proud of ya.

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