Martyn Joseph – Honourary Canadian

Martyn Joseph – The Woodshed Sessions, no. 17 from Roots Music Canada on Vimeo.

Martyn Joseph by the numbers: 50 years of age. 31 recordings. 5 top 50 hits in the UK.  Countless coast-to-coast tours of Canada, festival appearances and devoted fans. Golf handicap: 4.

But the stats don’t tell the whole story. The rugged Welsh singer-songwriter is warmly greeted by Canadian friends at every whistle stop, thanks to his anthemic songs, gracious and generous personality, passion for social-justice causes, crackling sense of humour and deep respect for the land. Martyn Joseph gets Canada, and Canadians get him. He even plays hockey.

We caught up with Martyn Joseph just prior to his tenth performance at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, and spoke of his relationship with Canada, the U.S.A. and Wales, and about his latest recording Under Lemonade Skies.

Exclusive Woodshed Sessions performances from Martyn Joseph:
Brothers in Exile There’s Always Maybe Lonely Like America

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