Corin Raymond, king of the Small Time

The Small Time Radio Hour
Pilot Episode “This is Paradise”

On a snowy January 20th, I sauntered down to The Cameron House in downtown Toronto to interview Corin Raymond and capture some of the sounds of the evening with his band, The Sundowners.

It was Corin’s last Thursday residency show before heading out on the road for ten weeks, returning to his home stage Thursday, April 7th.

Corin’s anthem “There Will Always Be A Small Time” embraces a joyful, humble life in The Small Time, and celebrates the new-old way folks are bringing songs and stories to the listeners.

“Folks here seem to like my sound,
tell me that I’m big time bound,
all I can say is it ain’t happened yet,
if fortune calls me by my name,
and I go out to play the game, here’s one thing I won’t forget…”

In the first episode of The Small Time Radio Hour, Corin enlightens us with his thoughts on his Small Time philosophy and model for independent music business.

He also shares his love for his songwriter friends,  his favourite venues and how the Small Time provides an opportunity for him to live out loud through his music.

This pilot episode of The Small Time Radio Hour includes cameos by Dave Quanbury and Treasa Levasseur, and music from Manitoba Hal, New Country Rehab, Fish & Bird, The Unseen Strangers, Ann Vriend, and Scott Nolan.

Click the links below to listen to“This Is Paradise”.

This is Paradise – Part I
This is Paradise – Part II
This is Paradise – Part III

This is Paradise – Part IV

The Small Time Radio Hour: “This is Paradise” was hosted and produced by Allison Brown and edited by Kevin Zarnett.

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