Andrea Ramolo, triple threat

The Shadows and the CracksAndrea Ramolo is a great example of the kind of artist that gives Canadian roots musicians a good name. She is articulate, highly educated, versatile, bold, funny, talented, shrewd, determined and in stereotypical Canadian fashion, well-mannered, even sweetly humble.

She’s got a great work ethic, to boot: Andrea Ramolo is notorious for her incredible touring schedule, logging 300-400 shows over the past two years with her one-man-band, Jason Skiendziel. She’s also blessed with mesmerizing looks. Plus, she’s an experienced actor and she does a mean tap-dance!

All of which might make it easy to overlook her best quality of all: she sings wonderful self-penned songs with a tough n’ tender goose-bump-inducing voice.

Andrea Ramolo dropped by The Woodshed and proved she’s a triple threat in lucky Episode 13 of The Woodshed Sessions.

On Wednesday, March 30, Andrea releases her second solo CD, The Shadows and the Cracks with a show at Toronto’s The Great Hall.

Take a tap-dancing lesson with Andrea Ramolo in this bonus video from Brian Crosby:

Related full-song performances are directly below. Enjoy!

Andrea Ramolo – Stop from Roots Music Canada on Vimeo.

Andrea Ramolo – Thank You For The Ride from Roots Music Canada on Vimeo.

Watch past episodes of The Woodshed Sessions here.

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    kim 3 April, 2011 at 11:07

    just in case feedback like this is useful, i will tell you that i tried to share this on my facebook wall but the blurb that shows up doesn’t mention what episode 13 is about.

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    kim 3 April, 2011 at 21:26

    p.s. i like how she doesn’t play the guitar over the sound hole but up the neck like you would a uke. and, she plays with such rhythm oriented style. andy, did you offer her your yuke?

  3. avatar
    Andy Frank 3 April, 2011 at 21:41

    no, no uke offerings were done 🙂 – thanks for the feedback on the sharing, will look into it, glad you like the videos!

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