Jay Aymar in the Woodshed

Jay Aymar is a man of contradictions: a native of Sault Saint Marie, his voice carries a strong Canadian accent—though he’s also a university graduate in English literature. His road-tested music, laden with country influences, maintains a strong sense of storytelling and deeply expressive lyrics. He’s a philosopher of the everyday and a poet of small town life.

After years of crisscrossing Ontario with a six-string guitar and a PA system in the trunk of his car, Jay got the call of a lifetime on his 40th birthday. It was Canadian folk legend Ian Tyson, calling to encourage Jay’s work and to let him know he was going to record one of Jay’s songs. That song, “Cherry Coloured Rose”, a tribute to Don Cherry’s wife Rose, written in the voice of the colourful hockey commentator, was included on Tyson’s most recent album, Yellowhead to Yellowstone, and Other Love Stories.

During that telephone conversation, Ian Tyson called Jay Aymar a “worthy songwriter”—and we couldn’t agree more.

In his visit to the Roots Music Canada Woodshed, Jay performed some of the songs from his latest album Passing Through, and shared some of what he’s learned along the road of life as a modern day troubadour.

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    Rick Spyder 22 June, 2011 at 18:04

    the Woodshed is a great Show . . . nice to hear some intelligent questions and
    Jay’s insight is prodigious, his songs are like little slices of life served up
    on a plate of humility.

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    john Prentice 17 April, 2012 at 12:43

    Hello Jay i think you are a star and a Canadian folk hero. Good luck on your Tour and i am looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in Vancouver. hey i would like to be at the Airport when you arrive as i love photography and want to capture your arrival for your photo album. Take care, cheers John Prentice

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