David Essig returns to the ‘shed

The Woodshed Sessions, Episode 5 – David Essig

david essig

David Essig in the 'shed

Guitar virtuoso David Essig of Protection Island, BC, is a prolific singer-songwriter with twenty albums to his name, and the producer of dozens of albums for a long list of well-known Canadian musicians. In the 1970s and 80s, he owned a record label called Woodshed Records, and many of those discs were produced at Daniel Lanois‘ Hamilton studio.

David Essig is a natural fit to help Roots Music Canada launch The Woodshed Sessions, and in this episode, Essig performs recently-composed songs which pay tribute to a pair of Canadian folk music legends, then talks candidly about his career, his peers, his former label, and his views on today’s music, a scene in which he continues to play a vital role.

In this outtake clip, Essig talks about The Riverboat Coffee House, and how he and Daniel Lanois managed to coax the best out of Willie P. Bennett during one memorable recording session at Lanois’ Grant Street studio in Hamilton.

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    Michael Williams 8 March, 2011 at 07:49

    Great to see and hear you again, Dave. Love to hear you talk about those ol’ memories. I miss Willie too, of course and remember so well living together in London during those early recordings.

    Remember too many memorable sets of your own and your stays with KP and I in London on Wellington St by the park.

    all the best….hope to see you on the trail one day…

    in the key of Bnatural


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