Twilight Hotel glows in the Woodshed

It’s a long and dusty road from Winnipeg to Austin. That’s the road the sensational duo Twilight Hotel have been traveling the past few years. Their musical origins make a great Canadian campfire story: Dave Quanbury and Brandy Zdan, both originally from the ‘Peg, met at Trout Forest Festival in Ear Falls, Ontario and instantly found a creative connection.

That connection grew and bloomed into a unique blend we’ve tagged “gothic lo-fi electro-folk”. Clever, thought-provoking lyrics, moody archtop guitars, richly blended voices with a distinctive rasp, and a pervasive sense of style that braids the best of both artists’ approaches.

Today they make their musical home in Austin, but carry their eclectic Canadian creativity around the world. Twilight Hotel give an extraordinary performance and a revealing, thought-provoking interview in Episode 5 of The Woodshed Sessions.

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