David Woodhead has been a fixture in the studios, concerts and festival stages of the Canadian folk music scene for over 30 years, playing with such seminal artists as Valdy, Ron Hynes, Stan Rogers and the Perth County Conspiracy.

The Confabulation is just that: a musical conversation between talented instrumentalists creating playfully-imagined fabrications. Working from jazz-inspired improvisation and unlikely influences (their website cites both Lord Buckley and Pablo Neruda), this group’s strength lies in its accessibly adventurous creative spirit.

David Woodhead’s Confabulation released their self-titled debut in January. Joined by Confabulation members Jaron Freeman-Fox and Doug Wilde, David Woodhead was a lively guest brimming with brilliance on bass and ukulele. He even brought a chunk of wood for our woodshed!

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David Woodhead on Myspace

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  1. avatar
    Jerome Jarvis 15 February, 2011 at 02:55

    Its so good to see such a talented self-effacing sideman and back-up musician FINALLY getting some of the credit he has long deserved. YAY! D.W. More power to you. Long may you play.

  2. avatar
    Xan Lazaridis 5 April, 2011 at 11:02

    Heartwarming and wonderful to listen to you talk about Confabulation, Oli and each other. Equally wonderful and enjoyable to hear music from both. Great to hear you up front doing what you do best and keeping it all together. I love the album!

  3. avatar
    Scott 18 May, 2011 at 22:24

    Wow! I thought I’d take a quick look at the Woodshed, but I can’t look away. The Confabulation is precisely what you say–accessibly adventurous.

    Great session!

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