Jackie Washington at 88

Roots Music Canada is proud to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Canadian musicians during Black History Month.

No one is more deserving of recognition than the late, legendary Jackie Washington.

Jackie was a pioneering musician, performer, radio host and railway man- and an inspiration to all who knew him.

Jackie was on a first name basis with the greatest names in 20th century music – from Artie Shaw to Ella Fitzgerald to Gordon Lightfoot – yet remembered the birthdays of nearly everyone he met.

Jackie Washington’s recording career started when he was already middle aged, but the albums he made with his pals Mose Scarlett and Ken Whiteley are important icons of contemporary Canadian folk music.

This short radio documentary reveals Jackie’s legendary warmth, humour and talent in a conversation recorded at Home County.

Performer and host Allison Brown conducted the interview and produced the piece with help from Ken Palmer for “Stories in Sound” on CHRW London.

The clip includes a charming testament to Jackie’s grace from up & comer Brandy Zdan of Twilight Hotel.

Fans of Jackie Washington will enjoy the personal anecdotes shared by his friends and colleagues at his Night’s For Jack, Music and Memories, A Memorial Tribute to Jackie Washington.

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