Well, we did it. As promised, we built a woodshed in the Roots Music Canada office. For woodshedding, obviously.

While everyone else was doing whatever everyone else does, our team spent the weekend doing the improbable.

We’ve been wanting to do regular video interviews and live webcast performances of your favourite musicians since we moved in here almost a year ago. You’ve probably seen our artist interviews and livestreams on location, not to mention the interviews we’ve done in our hammock and our kitchen.

It was time to build a studio space, where we could hunker down and make media magic every day, inspired by the likes of Austin City Limits, and NPR’s fantastic Tiny Desk Concerts.

But with all the digital doodads, we needed a space that felt a little more organic, a little more nostalgic, a little more rootsy than an ordinary high-tech studio does. Dare we say, a little more Canadian?

We wanted a place that felt like a home to us, and like a great place to play for our visiting musicians. Not to mention interesting and engaging for you, our beloved Roots Music Canada audience.

So we did what seemed obvious to us: we went to a junkyard in the industrial part of Toronto, beneath the expressway, and bought a stack of weathered lumber from a guy who lives in a trailer there. Seriously. Cash on the barrel-head.

We hauled that lumber in and spent the weekend pounding nails, creating the sweet homey studio stage you see here. We call it the shed, and we love it.

We think there may just be a bunch of musicians in this country longing to sit with us on our stage, in our shed, to swap stories, and stomp on those floorboards, picking & grinning & strumming & singing. We believe it with all our hearts, and we’ve got the blisters to prove it.

Call us crazy. We ARE crazy. Crazy enough to think the original Canadian music we love matters. Crazy enough to think it deserves to be praised and promoted to high heaven. Crazy enough to build a company on the idea that telling Canadian stories in Canadian songs is cool. Crazy enough to think we can do it on the web, on the cheap, on the fly, on a wing and a prayer.

On a stage in a shed, for that matter. Why not?

You can call us crazy. We know we are.

But you can’t tell us we’re wrong.

Not when it feels this right!

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  1. avatar
    Andy Frank 31 January, 2011 at 22:46

    Not only do we have a vintage woodshed, but we also just got our FAVICON! Favicon/old shed, that just about says it all about Roots Music Canada, delivering rich organic content in new and exciting ways. Concerts coming soon!

  2. avatar
    Richard Flohil 2 February, 2011 at 15:03

    I suggest you build another shed in the building. Then you’d have two sheds, and nobody would give a shit about the music, just about how many sheds you had. And you’d be called David “Two Sheds” Newland…

  3. avatar
    Willy Blizzard 3 February, 2011 at 19:28

    We built a shed in B.C.’s Gulf Islands : 96 sq. ft., no plumbing, no electricity. Just a space to create music. It got a stop work order put on it cuz the roof deck is attached to the main roof. The permits ended up costing more than the construction budget.

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