Live Broadcast:
Rosemary Phelan Benefit

Welcome to the live webcast of Rosemary Phelan’s CD release/benefit concert from Hugh’s Room in Toronto. The story behind this special this concert is here.

It runs from 8:30 PM EDT to 11:30 PM EDT (est.) and during the intermission, we are running a series of videos featuring Rosemary Phelan and the 2010 Estelle Klein Award winner, Grit Laskin.

Our chat host is Rachel Hahn (frankcasting), and will begin the chat around 8:15


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    char 27 October, 2010 at 22:51

    would have loved to be there tonight…
    tried logging on to chat but can’t..
    No option to change password or username..
    Just kept saying the e-mail address was already used..

    great show, lovely love in the room.


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