Danny Schmidt is different

There’s something about Danny Schmidt. He’s different. His Austin, Texas roots may betray an allegiance to Townes Van Zandt but his latest release, Instead the Forest Rose to Sing, reveals an approach that also bears a strong resemblance to a more rustic Steve Goodman with a side of John Prine.

Schmidt favours acoustic guitar against a backdrop of moody cello, strings and tasteful background vocals but his lyrics are what distinguish him from the pack of new folk troubadours. Love, loss and longing – it’s nowhere we haven’t been before.

Yet, in his capable hands, his song/stories seem able to penetrate more deeply than most due to an uncluttered presentation and an obvious knack for relaxed, poetic wordplay.

His vocals are warm, gentle and natural-sounding while his songs are so well-constructed, they invite repeated listening for much closer examination.

Schimdt is the perfect complement to the supremely-talented Albertan storyteller, John Wort Hannam. The two have been earning great reviews as they move their powerful pairing across the country.

The chance to see them both at any stop along the way makes for a double-value proposition and a nice night out.

Oakville, ON 9/24 Moonshine Cafe
Stella, ON 9/25  The Lodge on Amherst Island
Toronto, ON 9/26 Tranzac Club

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