CD launch: Kevin Breit

“Simple Earnest Plea”

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All photos by James Dean

Kevin Breit released his first ever singer/songwriter album, entitled “Simple Earnest Plea” on Tuesday, June 22nd at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.

Kevin’s songs have been recorded by many others including Norah Jones but this album features Kevin’s vocal debut – he has previously been known for his virtuosic and firey multi-stringed instrument playing (with Jones, Harry Manx, and a host of great acts too numerous to mention.)

Jorn Juul Andersen accompanied Kevin on drums and Russ Boswell played bass; Kevin was also joined by Sue Patrick Breit and his twin brothers Garth and Gary on harmonies.

Highlights of the night included Sue singing a beautiful duet with Kevin on his
composition “Big Top Charley Boy.” Kevin and the band’s instrumental version of the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” had the audience standing and clapping.

The room was filled with many of Kevin’s musical cohorts and friends and family as well. Kevin sent out special thanks to his family and also to his friend, Toronto luthier Joe Yanuziello for providing him with so many beautiful instruments to play.

It was a memorable night of music that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Watch this space for an in-depth review of Simple Earnest Plea – coming soon!

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    Jim Ansell 31 August, 2010 at 21:34

    Great review James! (you go to the best shows…) Nice to see you in print too.
    Peace from OS

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