Steve Poltz unwraps “Dreamhouse” on vinyl

We’re not usually in the business of making commercials.

But if this exclusive video of master songwriter Steve Poltz hearing his new album at 33 rpm for the first time doesn’t make you want to buy the record, we’ll eat our antlers.

Produced by fellow Haligonian Joel Plaskett, recorded on vintage analog tape with gorgeous woodcut cover art by Rebecca Kraatz, Dreamhouse is also available on CD – but you haven’t heard it til you’ve heard it on vinyl. And neither had Steve, til we asked him to debut it in our offices.

Dreamhouse is full of charm and all the quirk & character you’d expect in a collaboration of Poltz and Plaskett. We declare it a delight: worthy of being the first new LP on our turntable in 15 years.

Click here for Steve Poltz’s exclusive solo performance of “Dreamhouse” in the alley behind Roots Music Canada‘s studios – only on our Facebook fanpage.

And watch this space for an in-depth interview with Steve Poltz in the Roots Music Canada hammock – coming soon!

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