The McFerrin Connection

On the surface, Brenna MacCrimmon and Cadence seem about as different as vocal acts can get. Brenna is a world-renowned female singer of Turkish and Balkan music.  Cadence is an a capella jazz quartet made up of four men: Aaron Jensen, Kurt Sampson, Ross Lynde and Carl Berger.

Here’s what they share.  Both Toronto-based acts are past Juno nominees, able to dazzle and inspire with their voices alone…and they share a connection with Bobby McFerrin , the visionary singer who has mentored and inspired them.

We speak with Cadence and Brenna MacCrimmon about their careers and “The McFerrin Connection”.

You can find the entire playful Cadence performance at Roots Music Canada featured in this video:

..and Brenna MacCrimmon’s video Yildiz is at our Facebook Fan Page site

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