Kirsten Jones – The Mad Mile

Toronto-based, independent alt. country singer/songwriter Kirsten Jones is being observed very closely by industry, peers, fans and critics as she  launches her remarkable new record, The Mad Mile. Kirsten has been singled out by Billboard Canada as an act to watch in 2010, and The Mad Mile already has a Juno nomination to its credit, even before its official release! I caught up with Ms. Jones at Roots Music Canada’s office to talk about the record, and the many world-class artists who had a hand in it.

The following videos are live off the floor featuring some of the local players that appeared on The Mad Mile: Alex McMaster on cello, Christine Bougie on lap steel, Robin Pirson on drums, and Mitch Girio on bass.

First, the title track:

A lovely ballad featuring Alex McMaster on cello called I Will Love You Now

Kirsten Jones appears on Canada AM Wednesday, May 19th, and releases the CD at The Revival in Toronto later that evening.

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