Paul Quarrington Tribute Show

Famed singer/songwriter/author/poet/filmmaker Paul Quarrington passed away in January of 2010. Many of Paul’s talented friends gathered to celebrate his remarkable life at Toronto’s Opera House on April 13, 2010. Among the artists: Jim Cuddy, Gordon Pinsent, Porkbelly Futures with Teddy Leonard, David Gray, Megan Worthy, Tony Quarrington, Joel Quarrington, Dorothy Bennie, Rebecca Campbell, Barbara Budd and more.

Among the many musical highlights of the evening were performances by Bidiniband (led by former Rheostatic Dave Bidini) and singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Dan Hill. Both men were close friends of Paul, the latter having recently co-written a song with him about facing death at a relatively young age. The following clips are excerpts from both men’s performances.

Bidiniband performs a new tune written by Dave Bidini inspired by Paul’s poem “In the Rock Hall”.

Dan Hill (with Rebecca Campbell) performs a new song written for Paul, called “It Just Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”.

Dave Bidini also announced a new sports writing award in Paul’s name.

Paul’s solo CD “The Songs” (Cordova Bay, May 25) as well as his memoir “Cigar Box Banjo:Notes on Music and Life” (Greystone Books, May 29) and the documentary film “Paul Quarrington: Life in Music” (BookShorts /CTV Bravo!, May 30) was highlighted during the evening.

Profits of the event were contributed to Quarrington Arts Society/Société des Arts Quarrington.

note: Roots Music Canada liberally borrowed some of the above information from paulquarrington.org, and we thank them here.

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