Juno Awards 2010 – The Juno Cup

Our embedded reporter at the 2010 Junos, Trevor Mills, reports on musicians facing off against NHL Oldtimers on Friday night in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He provides this hard-hitting report exclusively for Roots Music Canada.


Juno Cup: Raven Kanatakta (Digging Roots), Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Randy Curnew (The Swallows), Allan Hawco (Republic of Doyle) and Mark Napier (NHL) at half time at the Juno Cup. The NHLers beat the Rockers 9-8 in a fun-filled charity game. There was a skills competition during half-time that saw the Rockers beat the NHLers in all the skills competition, including the target shootout. Though, by crowd applause, Mark Napier did beat Jim Cuddy in the singing skills portion of the event. Both players sang a verse and chorus of Blue Rodeo’s “Try”. Cuddy sounded great, but Napier won the hearts of the crowd with light-hearted lyric changes and a voice to sharpen your skates by.

Classified: Classified gives an interview at half-time of the 2010 Juno Cup. Classified, a.k.a. Luke Boyd, played a great game, scoring a goal for the Rockers in their light-hearted loss to the ex-NHLers.

Jam Session Chris Kirby (piano) and the Marquee hold court in a last-call jam at Fat Cat’s on George St. in St. John’s as part of Juno Fest. Joining them is Steve Marriner (Monkey Junk) and Leanne Kean. The jam kept the crowd hopping until well past 3am. Also hopping up during the jam were Raven Kanatakta, Rakesh Tewari and Trevor Mills from the band Digging Roots.

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