Jacob Moon: What a Rush!!

Endorsements. In this linkedin world we live in today, endorsements appear to be more important than ever. I recall being amazed that something I said as a neophyte community-radio-host would appear in quotation marks on an artist’s website or MySpace page. But Hamilton’s Jacob Moon doesn’t need my help, or anyone else’s, for not only does he have CBC’s Shelagh Rogers’ stamp of approval, but also a thunderous, wordless endorsement from Canadian supergroup Rush.

Jacob was asked to play his unique version of Rush’s Subdivisions at both the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame press conference, and the gala soirée that followed on March 28, 2010. Rush attended the gala, but did not play. Jacob talks about that experience, being a songwriter who happens to be Christian, and his experience in Hamilton’s scene.

Here is the video that got Jacob Moon all the attention – over 120,000 views!

We also took the interview opportunity to record a couple of Jacob Moon’s original songs on the same Staircase Café Theatre rooftop, they are posted here along with the Songwriters Hall of Fame press conference we covered.

Jacob Moon plays the Toronto Centre for the Arts – same venue as the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame gala – Saturday, April 10, 2010.

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