Unmistakably Sweetlandish

So we have this new space in downtown Toronto – well, new to us, it is a shared space with Borealis Records, and we have huge plans for it. We are currently adorning the office with various roots artifacts, records, instruments, blankets, and of course, what is a Canadian roots-music space without a hammock? Eh? Like take that, Tim Hortons! (Have you noticed Tim doesn’t use an apostrophe any more?)

So being the ritualistic types, we feel it is important to celebrate new artifact-arrivals with music, and who better to rock the hammock than our new neighbour, Kristin Sweetland, an artist who – as you’ll see in this clip – has the magical talent of breathing vibrant life into the inanimate!

So who is Kristin Sweetland?  One CBC radio critic says “Great melodies, great lyrics, great musicianship, great voice and great attitude.”  Juno-winning producer Ken Whiteley is behind the London, Ontario native’s two full-length CDs, copies of which she hauls from town-to-town-to-town in relentless road-warrior fashion, year after year. She is an adaptable performer, playing solo or with various bands, is a wonderful guitar player, and her musical styles have no boundaries. Kristin is also an author, currently penning her first book, and as you may have witnessed, she has extensively studied photography. Overall, she is unmistakably Sweetlandish.

Here she performs La Fin du Monde in our studios.

You can also see and hear Kristin play “Chaconne”, the instrumental music bed to the interview video, at our Facebook Fan Page

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  1. avatar
    Jim Ansell 27 March, 2010 at 09:53

    Very unique talent in more ways than one…fashion, music, photography…
    go to her myspace to view those incredible self-portraits (there’s a gazillion of ’em!)
    I enjoy her brilliant “Own Sweet Time” record…hope to see more of her “live” this year.
    Thanks Kristin!

  2. avatar
    Trevor Mills 29 March, 2010 at 11:52

    What a joy to find a roots music email in my inbox telling me about the incomparable Kristin Sweetland getting some deserved ink here on rootsmusic.ca. I very much agree with Jim Ansell – Kristin’s self-portrait photography is beautiful and well worth the browse. Head over to http://www.kristinsweetland.com (also designed by Janine Stoll Media, btw) and take a look.

    Loving it!

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