Thanks to Keelo-fans!!

What a great concert we enjoyed last night! James Keelaghan, with David Woodhead, and opener Juanita Wilkins thoroughly entertained the two-hundred or so gathered at Kitchener’s Registry Theatre Saturday night. And it was a privilege to share the show with a total of 231 unique-visitors to this site, including visits from Australia, Massachusetts, BC, California, North Carolina, and all over Southern Ontario (these are folks that mentioned their locations during the chat that ran with the broadcast).

james keelaghan 2

Given the novelty of consuming streaming-video concerts, and the Saturday night broadcast schedule, we are thrilled with those numbers! Mostly, we had so much fun with unbelievable music, incredible audience participation, and a tremendously supportive team at the Registry Theatre. Thanks to Jack Cole, Lawrence, Robert, Kristen, and everyone else who made this possible, plus our team of Robert Howard, Kate Adach, Helen Crouch, Rick Scicluna, and mostly, thanks to YOU.

– Andy

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