Caracol takes on Toronto!

Montréal’s Carole Facal, aka Caracol, recently paid her first visit to Hugh’s Room, Toronto, sharing a billing with fellow Québecoise Roxanne Potvin. Many world-music lovers will recognize the name Caracol, half of DobaCaracol, a six-piece band that enjoyed tremendous success until it put itself on ice in 2008. DobaCaracol sold over 100,000 units of their second album alone, and played over 400 gigs around the world.

Caracol released her first solo CD, L’arbe aux Parfums, a little over a year ago, and sat down with Roots Music Canada executive producer Andy Frank in the Green Room at Hugh’s Room to talk about her adventures.

Caracol writes in three languages (Spanish, French and English), travels a great deal for work and pleasure, and draws influence from every aspect in her life.  She’ll be touring Canada and Europe this spring and summer and is already working on her next album. And, as you may have noticed, she’s also ready to give birth to her second child.  In a bonus interview clip on our Facebook Fan Page, Caracol talks about being a musician-mommy, and her love for the ukulele.

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