As you may have read on our Facebook Fan Page , Roots Music Canada is thrilled to announce that we are  moving in to a downtown Toronto office space! It is a relatively new shared space leased by the good people of Borealis Records, Canada’s leading folk music label, and we are assuming the portion currently occupied by Northern Blues, who are vacating the site in March.

As you can see from the photos, it is a lovely, rustic ground-floor warehouse space that has everything a fledgling new-media outfit like ours would ever need, and plenty of space for our eventual radio/tv studio. Essentially, the studio will be built to the right of the wooden beams (see photo: The Eventual Studio).

We look forward to many great years sharing the space with Bill Garrett, Grit Laskin, Linda Turu and the rest of the Borealis team; hopefully they won’t evict us for having too good a time, or for enjoying too many late nights spinning their back catalogue over screwtop bottles of plonk.  Yes, there will be a party this Spring. Yes, we accept gifts.

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    Pamela 25 February, 2010 at 10:55

    Hey, thanks for posting the photos – I didn’t have a good one of my little office (that’s me in the pic), so I’m saving it for sentimental reasons! Enjoy the space.

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