Canadian folk airplay: January

Here are the January stats for Canadians’ airplay on folkdj-l playlists. This information has been sifted, with permission, from international lists compiled by Richard Gillmann. In January, Richard’s lists were based on 14,178 airplays from 149 different DJ’s.

The number in brackets indicates the number of plays that album, song or artist received in the month. James Keelaghan‘s album “House of Cards” was the #5 international album. Kate and Anna McGarrigle earned the top Canadian song spot with “Talk To Me Of Mendocino” at #2. Kate and Anna McGarrigle also took the top Canadian artist slot, coming in at #1 on Richard’s international lists. James Keelaghan, Jory Nash and The Wailin’ Jennys all appeared in the top ten on the international list.

Top Canadian Albums
1. James Keelaghan “House of Cards” (47)
2. Jory Nash “New Blue Day” (45)
3. Bop Ensemble “Between Trains” (25)
Kate And Anna McGarrigle “Kate And Anna McGarrigle” (25)
4. The Wailin’ Jennys “Live At The Mauch Chuck Opera House” (24)
5. Kate And Anna McGarrigle “Matapedia” (21)
Kate And Anna McGarrigle “McGarrigle Hour” (21)
6. Jay Linden “Under The Radar” (16)
Madison Violet “No Fool For Trying” (16)
Nathan Rogers “Gauntlet” (16)
7. Chris Coole “Old Dog” (15)
8. Janet Bates “The Little Spinner” (14)
Dala “Everyone Is Someone” (14)
Le Vent du Nord “La Part Du Feu” (14)
9. Kate And Anna McGarrigle “Dancer With Bruised Knees” (11)
Po’ Girl “Deer In The Night” (11)
Various Artists “Things About Comin’ My Way” (11)
10. James Hill & Anne Davison “True Love Don’t Weep” (10)
Catherine MacLellan “Water In The Ground” (10)
Jesse Winchester “Love’s Filling Station” (10)

Top Canadian Songs

1. Kate And Anna McGarrigle “Talk To Me Of Mendocino” (18)
2. Jory Nash “Our Time Again” (12)
3. James Keelaghan “House Of Cards” (11)
Kate And Anna McGarrigle “Heart Like A Wheel” (11)
4. James Keelaghan “Safe Home” (8)
Kate And Anna McGarrigle “Matapedia” (8)
Jory Nash “Before You Get There” (8)
Nathan Rogers “Willie O’ Winsbury” (8)
The Wailin’ Jennys “One Voice” (8)
5. Bop Ensemble “Buckets Of Rain” (7)
Bop Ensemble “California Dreamin” (7)
James Keelaghan “What’s For You” (7)
6. James Keelaghan “Since You Asked” (6)
The Wailin’ Jennys “Bring Me Li’l Water Silvy” (6)
7. Kate And Anna McGarrigle“Jacques Et Gilles” (5)
Kate And Anna McGarrigle “NaCl” (5)
Jory Nash “Kiss For The Great Unknown” (5)
Jory Nash “Getaway” (5)

Top Canadian Artists

1. Kate And Anna McGarrigle (126)
2. James Keelaghan (55)
3. Jory Nash (51)
4. The Wailin’ Jennys (49)
5. Bop Ensemble (28)
Le Vent Du Nord (28)
6. Dala (23)
7. Janet Bates (19)
Jay Linden (19)
Harry Manx (19)
9. Loreena McKennitt (18)
10. Nathan Rogers (17)
11. Leonard Cohen (16)
Madison Violet (16)
12. Chris Coole (15)
Po’ Girl (15)
13. The Duhks (14)
14. Joni Mitchell (13)
Neil Young (13)
15. Bruce Cockburn (12)
Catherine MacLellan (12)
Jesse Winchester (12)
16. Amelia Curran (11)
17. James Hill & Anne Davison (10)

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Richard Gillmann compiles monthly surveys of international airplay on the folkdj-l listserve. Archives of these can be found at folkradio.org Richard’s complete lists can be found on his own website at nwfolk.com and I have used this source for the information above.

Richard created a couple of programs to analyze all playlists posted to the Folkdj-l list. These programs require that playlists be submitted in a particular format to be counted. Because of this he estimates his programs pick up 60-80% of the total airplays posted. Richard tallies the most popular albums and songs as well as total play for individual performers. As can be seen, Richard cuts off his album and artist lists at 10 plays and the songs list at 5 plays.

Richard has consented to my pulling Canadian stats from his lists for which I offer a grateful tip ‘o the hat.

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