This Night’s For Jack

This Night’s For Jack, Music and Memories, A Memorial Tribute to Jackie Washington featured members of his former trio, Ken Whiteley and  Mose Scarlett, as part of the new Jackie Washington Orchestra with  Tony QuarringtonChris RobinsonVictor Bateman, Michelle Josef, Brent Titcomb, and Margaret Stowe. Special guests included  Caitlin Hanford,  Holmes Hooke, Rick Zolkower, Cedric Smith, Joanne Crabtree, Marianne Girard, John Sheard, and Glenna Green.

Much has been written about Jackie Washington (1919-2009), and you can explore some of those links below, however in this post, we think it’s best to let his friends do the talking.

Video Photo credits: Shawn McAlpine, Borealis Records, Vital Spark Folk Society, The Music’s Over

Jackie Washington links include:
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