A Deeper Well: Haiti Benefit Concert

When faced with a story like the earthquake in Haiti, many of us ask ourselves some important questions: What can we do? How can we help? Will a donation truly make a difference?

And for some, a simply giving doesn’t feel like enough; there remains a powerful emotional need truly to do something, to act for the benefit of our distant brothers and sisters. That’s exactly howToronto-based roots musicians Rosemary Phelan and Jason LaPrade come into this story.

Rosemary and Jason, through sheer determination and with the help of of like-minded souls, hastily organized a benefit concert at Hugh’s Room, Toronto’s storied folk club. Generous patrons who made the trek on a wintry Wednesday evening donated over $4,000 in admission fees, raffles, and other creative efforts. Thoes funds will be handed over to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Acts like these are going on around the world, some much larger, some much smaller, and to all who do what they feel compelled to do at times like these, we at Roots Music Canada salute you.

The following images are courtesy of Cameron MacLennan, who dropped in to Hugh’s Room for the second set of performances.

Thanks to the following artists:
Rich Burnett
David Celia
Annabelle Chvostek
Marianne Girard
Lynn Harrison
Rosemary Phelan & Jason LaPrade
Suzie Vinnick
Jon Brooks
Michelle Josef
Trevor Mills
Doug Romanow
Joan Besen

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    Rachel 5 February, 2010 at 17:26

    Chatting with all the listeners and watchers online was a great experience. It’s so great there was a full house AND a full chat room. Thanks for making this happen Rosemary and Jason.

  2. avatar
    rosemary phelan 7 February, 2010 at 14:41

    it was an honour to work with so many great folks for such a worthy cause. wow – a full chat room, too? thanks for being such a fantastic online ambassador, rachel!

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