Amanda Mabro – one frame at a time

Montréal chanteuse/songwriter Amanda Mabro is one of those independent artists we tend to dig here at Roots Music Canada. She’s super talented, recognized by critics as a unique musical force; she’s relentless, tough, resilient, and most importantly, very creative, especially with her use of video. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with her while she swung through Toronto, and talked about Amanda Mabro TV, Europe, Montréal Jazz Fest and more.

This video was shot by David Newland at the historic Wallace Avenue Footbridge, Dundas West, just north of Bloor Street in Toronto. Amanda Mabro’s most recent EP’s Red Rows and Wine Flows can be purchased on-line at CD Baby . She plays on Valentine’s Day at La Salla Rosa in Montréal and on February 17, 2010 at The Rivoli in Toronto.

Bonus Coverage: You can view the entire Demon Alcohol video at our Facebook Fan Page

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