For the Folk: Top Ten Records of 2009

In 2009 I had a pretty wild year for music, both recorded and live!  I probably saw hundreds of acts perform this year live, from Mavis Staples to Louder Than Satan,  and so many great albums were released this year I had an awfully hard time choosing my top ten – and believe it or not, with hosting “For The Folk” on CHRW , working at Grooves, and traveling across the country meeting so many great songwriters and musicians, my ears did in fact miss out on a few albums this year.   But I finally came up with a top ten, and I did include a small list of very very honorable mentions.  It was a big year for folk and roots records!  So here they are in alphabetical order:

Drum Roll Please…

1.  Del Barber ~ Where The City Ends ~ Indie * CAN
2.  Deep Dark Woods ~ Winter Hours ~ Black Hen Music * CAN
3.  John Doe & The Sadies ~ Country Club ~ Outside Music * CAN
4.  Karyn Ellis ~ Even Though The Sky Was Falling ~ Mathilde’s Home Productions * CAN
5.  Jason Fowler ~ Buckets Of Rain ~ Indie * CAN
6.  Good Lovelies ~ Good Lovelies ~ Indie * CAN
7.  Levon Helm ~ Electric Dirt ~ Dirt Farmer Music
8.  Jory Nash – New Blue Day ~ Indie * CAN
9.  Dave Rawlings Machine ~ Friend Of A Friend ~ Acony Music
10. VA ~ Things About Coming My Way: A Tribute To The Music Of The Mississippi Sheiks ~ Black Hen Music * CAN

Very very close honorable mentions:
Katherine Wheatley ~ Landed
Scott Cook ~ This One’s On The House
Chris Hart ~ The Magic Hour
Neko Case ~ Middle Cyclone
Stringbone ~ Nadir
Light Of East Ensemble ~ Beyond Our Shores
Good Lovelies ~ Under The Mistletoe

Three New Discoveries:
Bette Et Wallet
Karla Anderson
Kenneth MacLeod & The Windsor Salt Band

Cheers to 2009, and I can’t wait to hear the sounds of 2010!

Allison Brown is a singer/songwriter and the host of “For The Folk” on CHRW Radio 94.9fm London.

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