Ian Tamblyn releases his 30th record, Gyre

Canadian folk-music icon Ian Tamblyn recently released his 30th collection of songs, Gyre. In this conversation with David Newland of RMC, Ian talks about where the CD fits in his huge catalogue of work, the unique journey it explores, folk & blues influences on the record, and he surprises the interviewer with a candid revelation about how much recording gas is left in his tank.

TWO BONUS VIDEO FEATURES: In what was only a minor digression from the subject of Ian Tamblyn’s new CD Gyre, David and Ian talk about The Group of Seven and how Canadian artists often appear lost amidst the subjects of their work. Plus, Ian and David discuss the Paris-Chinese border (!) Roots Music Canada Facebook fan page.


Ian Tamblyn recently delivered three sets of his original songs (with a few covers interpreted as only he would do ) at Dominion on Queen in Toronto’s east end. This live performance captured only by camera mic from the back of the room, features the remarkable Rebecca Campbell (Porkbelly Futures) on backing vocals.

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