Leon Redbone Interview

In Defense of Tiny Tim

Leon Redbone fans may be aware of this magnificent musician and performer’s mysterious, enigmatic ways, especially when it comes to revealing or promoting himself in interviews. After all, have you ever heard of another modern-day celebrity whose speculated age has a twenty year span (between sixty and eighty)?

So when we were generously granted an interview with him prior to his second of three sold out gigs at Hugh’s Room in Toronto on Monday, Dec 7th, we were naturally curious what the experience would offer.

We quickly learned that routine questions were dismissed with near Billy-Bob obfuscation, and that was cool, we knew the rules. So we talked about Tiny Tim and cartoons instead, and if you listen closely between the metaphorical lines, there’s a lot of tender meat on them bones. Enjoy!

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    moxywoman 9 December, 2009 at 18:05

    That voice. I love it. You must have been very excited.

    What was he drinking? Scotch?

    Well done. A unique little interview gem.

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