Gordon Lightfoot turned 71 today, just before heading into a long home stand at Massey Hall.

What better time to launch this Roots Music Canada blog?

Where Lightfoot led, we follow, proudly.

We’ll miss the shows – some of us will be off to the CFMAs in Ottawa, others to a meeting of the board of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.

Wherever we go, we’ll be listening to Canadian roots music, and loving it.

Many of you have followed us on Twitter already – thank you!

Keep watching @rootsmusicanada for new developments.

We’ll be blogging here about the music we love.

Hope you’ll love it too.

Carefree Highways,

The Roots Music Canada team

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    Richard Flohil 23 November, 2009 at 14:28

    Utterly delighted this is here – I hope it prospers. And if I can help in ANY way (apart from sending you bumph about all the people I work with!) you only have to ask…BREAK LEGS, GUYS!

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